Atelier Veronique

Véronique Avon

Having left Provence over twenty years ago, I am expressing on canvas my deep family roots in this land of sun, lavender and cicadas.
I have explored the River Wye’s landscapes and looked at Herefordshire’s lovely little village churches, nestling in the countryside’s woods and meadows. This county’s colours offer a wonderful palette of tones and shades!

While painting “traditional” landscapes for several years, I am now exploring Herefordshire and Provence (as well as some sea-scapes) in a different and more imaginative way.
My “paysages de guingois” are a new kind of landscape over a rounded horizon…. With some inspiration from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s story of The Little Prince…
I give each painting a Haiku title, three short lines to suggest its story…

I use chunky canvases, and paint my landscapes all the way around the sides. The result is a three-dimensional ‘vision’ of my chosen subjects (No framing needed!).
The largest pieces are 1 metre square, as well as very small one such as 12x12cm!

Masters whom I particularly admire are the Impressionists who played so brilliantly with light, such as Monet and Turner, and I like also the daring artworks of the Surrealists, especially Magritte, Frida Kalo and Remedios Varo.


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